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Personalized Wood Name Sign (First & Second Name)

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Looking for a new way to personalize your nursery? 

Add a name sign - it’s a perfect accent! 
Available in a variety of colours and laser cut from 1/4” Baltic birch!

Length of sign will be a combined length of 67"

The exact length of the first and middle name will be dependent on the number of letters in name.

Height of sign is dependant on the amount of letters in name and can vary.

Name will always fit to scale therefore the second name will always be smaller than the first in order to display them stacked on the wall.

The front of the sign can be painted the colour of your choice. The back of the name sign will be left as natural wood.



Each piece is hand-crafted from a unique a piece of wood and will be different from the picture shown in the add. There may be chips, cracks, knots, holes etc, which shows the rustic and handmade nature of the sign. Therefore no repeated orders will be same.  Due to the burning nature of the laser cutter - edges of the wood appear slightly darker and for this reason may seem unfinished.  The front side will be painted and the back side will be left natural for easy hanging. 

37” sign may be in two pieces - with a straight angled cut for seamless hanging


Once your order is placed you will receive a proof of design within 48 hours. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not heard from Bug and Bean within the 48 hour time frame.

Turnaround time is currently 4-6 weeks on all wood sign orders.

Refunds: Unfortunately refunds are not permitted once your order has been placed so please ensure the name entered is spelled correctly.

NOTE : Hanging tools are not included . Paper flowers are not included. There might be +-1 inch difference of size. Only front side is painted. Sign will be cut exactly how font is shown in proof of design (with spaces etc)