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Muslin Bunny Lovey - Personalized Embroidery

Muslin Bunny Lovey - Personalized Embroidery

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Okay I am going to let you in on a secret.. I still have my childhood stuffed animal.  And I still sleep with it - every. night. 

Which is why choosing a lovey for your child was so important to me.  I was looking for three things - 

- must be floppy so it can easily be thrown over an arm to carry

- must be small so it can be taken everywhere and anywhere

- must be durable - because.. well.. you know!

These bunnies are the perfect combination of everything I think makes up the perfect stuffy.

Personalized with embroidery in the font and colours below.

Embroidered name will be displayed in the centre of the bunny.

Sewn with a beautiful muslin fabric which becomes softer with each wash! 

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