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Please girls... give mama some blanket!

Good morning everyone!

It's Tuesday which means we are well on our way to kicking this weeks butt!

Can I hear a "heck yes" if you're feeling completely drained this week?  Our lockdown in Ontario is on its way to being lifted and I am so excited to get out in public again.  I have missed being peopley.

Mostly, I am excited for my girls to have a sense of normalcy again.  It's been the hardest on the kids - don't you agree?  I mean - they have gone from normal functioning social lives, sports programs, extra curriculars, school, play groups to being isolated with their families.  My daughter desperately misses her gymnastics class and my toddler has never had a chance to start an activity!  I long to adventure beyond our backyard with them again. Annnnd I am longing for something to tire. them. out.

These girls have ended up in bed with me EVERY night for the last five years.  With a spouse who is often away - it can sometimes be really comforting (for both of us!) but sometimes...its cramped.   We have a king sized bed and somehow I still end up off the edge of the bed and shivering.  I beg them every night - please let mommy sleep all night.  

But last night, I didn't.  I paused as I kissed them goodnight before I tucked myself in.  I looked at my five year old who looks older every day and was struck by her changes.  She is now a confident and compassionate little girl with a fiery attitude and a great sense of humor and I remember what it was like when she was tiny.  Those first few months where I couldn't imagine her ever growing to this size.  And here she is.  It goes so fast.   Soon she will be a pre-teen slamming doors, then a teenager navigating a crazy world and eventually an adult and likely a mother herself.

What is important to me is that these girls grow up and feel safe to be themselves.  If they find comfort and safety in coming into bed with us and snuggling with us then we are all for it.  I know it won't last forever... 

Just please girls... give mama some blanket.


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