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Our Favourite Kid Friendly Smoothie | A Perfect Summer Breakfast!

Okay to say this is a favourite of ours is an under statement.  

My love affair with this smoothie started long before I was married with kids.  

I am smoothie picky by nature.  I dislike chalky or chunky and often am not a fan of certain mixed berries.  I have no idea where this comes from as I'm literally the most easy going eater!
I used to get this smoothie from all my favourite smoothie places and was determined to find a copycat recipe so I could make it at home.
When I was pregnant with my oldest I devoured this smoothie on the regular.  Often having to cut myself off before I made myself sick with it. (Pregnancy craving problems amiright!?)

This Chunky Monkey Smoothie recipe is the real deal. 

Creamy, Peanut Buttery, Chocolatey.. all the things that make up a perfect snack for any time of the day!
In the summer we like to use this as a bribe to get my girls to consume something in the morning.  They are often lack lustre to eating big meals in the summer and become more of the grazing type.  When we offer this up it is always a huge hit!  Sometimes we even sub it in as a chocolate milkshake substitute after an evening at the beach.
My favourite part of this recipe?  No. Sugar. Added.  Can I hear it again for those in the back?  Any and every mom is dying for a recipe like this - because the sugar rush in the summer is a real phenomenon.  Though it tastes like dessert, it isn't loaded with processed sugar and artificial ingredients.  Parent AND kid friendly is always a win in my books.
This recipe is also INCREDIBLY easy.  Which is another must for my half awake self.  I have included specific measurements but we are truly more of a cook with your heart type family.  It's almost impossible to mess this recipe up- it is almost always guaranteed to be delicious!

The key to this recipe is to let your bananas over ripen.  

I don't know about your house - but bananas are a hot commodity over here.  I like my bananas basically green - while my girls will eat them until they show a brown spot.  So it's difficult to keep them on hand.  I have grown accustomed to buying two bunches and letting the second bunch ripen if we are planning a smoothie week. If you aren't ready to make a smoothie with your browned bananers - just peel and toss them into a freezer bag- freeze and they're ready when you are!  This recipe works best with frozen bananas.
Enjoy this easy to make and even easier to enjoy (guilt-free!) Chunky Monkey Smoothie!
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