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Minky or Muslin? Let's talk fabrics!

What fabric is best for a newborns skin?  How do I keep my baby cool but covered in the summer?  Looking for a heavy weight minky blanket?

I can admit - it's kind of overwhelming choosing the right fabric for your baby.  There are really so many fabrics and textiles to choose from when planning a nursery so how do you know what's right for you?

We want you to get EXACTLY what you're dreaming up - so we decided to break it down for you!

Let's start with my favourite fabric.


We have two types of minky.  In fact, we are the ONLY Canadian company with access to so many types of custom minky.  

Our smooth minky is buttery and silky.  It's a heavier weight minky blanket as it is double layer and colour are extremely rich.  Blankets with our smooth minky are printed double sided and can be completely customized.  We are even looking at adding some sherpa and dimpled minky backing options!

Our plush minky is your typical teddy bear fabric!  There is truly nothing softer.  We print this minky one sided and keep it one layer for optimum breathability!   This minky is lightweight and perfect for summer or winter.

Check out our minky blankets here.



Our signature sweet pea muslin is an extremely lightweight gauze type fabric.  This is a single layer muslin swaddle and is honestly the perfect summer baby staple! 

This lightweight and breathable fabric is gentle and airy on your babies skin.  Perfect for swaddling and becoming your littles favourite "binky"!  It crinkles when washed which gives it that infamous swaddle texture.

The best part of our muslin is that it is eco-friendly and 100% organic!

Shop our muslin swaddles here.


Jersey Polyester

Think of your favourite shirt - you know that stretchy jersey one that gets softer with each wash?  This is exactly how I would describe our jersey fabric!  We currently offer our jersey as an option for our infant hats and headbands, crib sheets, change pad covers, nursing/ carseat covers and our swaddles - but psst ..  if you're reading this... we have a secret- we are about to add custom knotted gowns into our collection as well!   This fabric is perfect for infants to grow with as the stretch is absolutely amazing!  This stretch also makes using this jersey to sew our crib sheets ideal.  It was honestly such a breeze to put it on my littles mattress!

Shop our jersey crib sheets here.

If you're like me you'll mix and match your textiles and choose items that grow with your babe!  I started my youngest off with a muslin swaddle, then a smooth minky and we have just graduated to a plush minky to use for summer in place of her duvet!

Just a reminder that all of our textiles are snuggly and soft- perfect for a newborn, toddler or preschooler!  

Enjoy the process and start designing today!


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