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A Thank You | Canadian Nursery Decor Brand Celebrates Second Birthday

I can't thank you enough. 

I have had a continual "pinch me" moment all week.  I can't believe that only two years ago we launched as a small Canadian business and now we are a worldwide selling nursery decor brand celebrating our SECOND birthday!

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I've really struggled with what to say - I mean, how can you possibly form this type of gratitude into words?  The truth is - this business have left me stunned and speechless more times than I could ever share. Every single story, every photo, every review that has been shared over the last two years has made a significant impact on our lives over here.
When I launched Bug & Bean in 2019, I had big dreams - but I also had a lot of self doubt.  I am what you call an entrepreneur by nature and always dreamed of owning my own business.  I made the plan for Bug & Bean over my second maternity leave and dove in with everything I had.  Countless late and sleepless nights and many tears later we celebrated our first birthday.  It was then I realized that we had something.

Then the pandemic hit.. and hit hard. 

The loyalty you all have shown to the brands you love throughout this pandemic has been nothing short of amazing.  I'm sure like every business owner right now - I can tell you all that even two years later I still do a little happy dance with every order.  
Because of your support we have been seen in Vogue UK, House & Garden magazine and on podcasts like OVBossBabes. We have won international awards and celebrated many mini goal achievements.  We have been able to donate hundreds of dollars to the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Network in Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto, Ontario) through sales from our Rainbow Collection.  We have sold decor as far as Dubai and the Netherlands. We have hundreds of happy customers including international DJs, sports celebrities and influencers.  We were the recipients of the Enterprise Renfrew County Starter Plus Grant given by the Government of Ontario.  We have hit milestones we never dreamed possible only two years in- and I suppose the biggest question is...

What is next?

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This year we are looking at multiple sales channels and have already signed partnerships with a few big companies.  We wanted to give back a bit more consistently and decided this was the year to make some BIG commitments.  Stay tuned for an amazing partnership announcement that brings me to tears almost every day lately!  Look for new products like knotted gowns, sleeping bags and sleep sacks and of course we are always adding new prints.  We are continuing to grow so watch for more "meet the team" announcements and we are so excited to be partnering with a few more retail stores locally.
It has been a wild journey and I am so thankful to have you all along for the ride.  This business has changed my life, changed my families life and now we are working at changing lives of others.  We owe every success to you - our beautiful customers.  
You all are seriously the best!  I had no idea this business would bring along such a feeling of community with it.  To every customer, fellow entrepreneur, advice giver, friend - I want to say a big heartfelt THANK YOU!

Cheers to two years down and a lifetime to go!





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