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5 New Baby Room Decor Trends To Try This Summer

Okay so you want to know what's on trend this summer?  We got you!  

We have spent the last few months following decor trends to bring this list right to you. 

Here are the top 5 trends for nurseries this summer:


1. Macrame 

Has anyone noticed how macrame has made a complete comeback during the pandemic?  Guess what?  We are here for it!  We absolutely love the neutral colour pallete and delicate textures of macrame.  It can add warmth and soften any nursery with virtually any colour pallette!  



2. Vacation Vibes 

We have all been craving travel for the last while so it's no surprise that vacation and island themed nurseries are taking the spotlight this summer.  Very similar to the coastal trends we saw in 2020 with a bit more rattan and macrame!   To create your dream holiday nursery add lots of natural light, neutral tones, vibrant wallpaper and flowy curtains.  We absolutely love this wallpaper from anewalldecor on Etsy! 


3.  Rainbows

Rainbows have been on trend for years now and we think they're here to stay!  What more could you love about a neutral OR vibrant colour palette?  This trend is one we hold close to our heart because of our Rainbow Collection.  Twenty percent of the profits from our Rainbow Collection go straight to the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Network at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.  This service is invaluable to moms and families who have suffered the loss of a child whether in pregnancy or infancy.  

4. Monochrome

Monochrome nurseries began popping up at the end of 2020 and many families have followed suit.  Feature black and white abstract cushions or wallpaper with some stylish furniture and subtle animal touches.   Incredibly beautiful with their minimalist decor these nurseries often embody elegance and serenity.  Add soft gray walls to give the room a warmer feeling and add wall decals like these to help create a unique feature wall.


5. Give Us All The Browns!

Earthy tones were all the rage last year and it's certainly a trend that has stuck around for 2021!  Combine rich, warm tones like chocolate, mocha and teracotta and match them with lighter shades of peach and blush.  A popular choice for a gender netural space and timeless for families who don't want to redecorate for the toddler years!  Add some macrame, rattan and whicker into the space to create a bohemian vibe.



Decorating on trend doesn't have to be difficult.  Most trending designs this summer are involving neutral palettes and minimalistic or natural vibes which makes it so easy to bring your design dream to life!  

An easy way to snag some great pieces is to check your local thrift stores or even the dollarstore!  This is an excellent place to shop for unique and small trinkets to fill shelves.   Check your local yardsale sites for macrame artists - as the trend has grown there has been many makers who have branched into offering this unique art!  Can't find one?  Send us a message - we would be happy to refer you!

As always - if you just can't get the vibe you want and are totally stumped - we have awesome recommendations for designers worldwide that can work with you electronically to create your perfect design plan!  

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